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Comments from Past Clients



We were so lucky to have Andrea as the sibling doula for our two sons during the birth of our daughter. Both of our boys have special needs that make it difficult for them to connect with new people. Andrea's warm and caring nature drew them right in and the relationship she cultivated with them during prenatals made the birth experience easy and stress free. We were able to focus on the birth while knowing that our boys were being supported by someone they trusted. 

Our older son is very anxious, but Andrea's confident demeanor and calm presence were exactly what he needed during the intensity of the birth. I could see him visibly relax after her gentle reassurances. Her support allowed him to release his worries and enjoy seeing his sister be born. It was the start of a special connection I hope they share for their whole lives. Andrea is an asset to any birth team and we are so thankful that she was part of ours.

<3 Amy 12/28/18

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