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Sibling Doula Services


     Much like the role of a birth doula, a sibling doula is welcomed into a family during a very intimate period of time. Allowing the relationships to grow and trust to be established with the child before the birth day in important to allow a smooth transition of care. By offering two meetings before baby arrives, your child(ren) and I get the chance to get to know each other and I get to discover how to compliment your child's personality and needs. These meetings are usually from 2-4 hours and can include the parents or not, depending on circumstances and comfortability. 

     When baby decides to join us, I will be on call and join the team you when see fit. I will stay with the child(ren) until baby is born and the family has had a chance to settle into their new roles. I aim to make the siblings feel incorporated in the expereinces as much or as little as is desires. After the delivery I will then be available for one more 2 -4 hour meeting. This can be used to give the sibling some special attention, or I could also watch baby if the parents want to spend some special time with the sibling(s). Depending on the needs of each family, I am happy to discuss the details to accommodate.




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