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Birth Doula Services

My services typically include 2-3 meetings before your labor, on-call care for your labor, as well as 1-2 meeting after you and your new family have gotten settled in at home.

      The meetings before labor are for us to get to know each other and gain comfort in supporting your ideas pertaining to the birth of your child. We will go over many elements such as; your birth plan, some comfort techniques, the importance of breathing, basic birth education, ways to empower your mind and body, possible positions, pain management techniques, possible medical situations as well as other services including massage, placenta encapsulation, child birth education classes, or anything else you have questions about. These meetings allow us all to get on the same page and solidify the birth "team" to be as prepared as possible for the big day.

     I will then be on-call 3 weeks prior to your EDD through the time your child chooses to enter the world. Whenever you feel the time is right, call me and we can be in contact through the early stages of labor and I will meet you and your partner when requested either at your home, birth center or hospital. I will continue to provide educated support through out your labor and into the first postpartum hours. During labor, I will support your wishes that have been discussed previously and encourage you with the upmost support for everyone on the birth team.

     The follow up visit will allow us to go over the amazing journey of the birth of your child and conclude our time together. This meeting is so special as the whole team gets to reflect on the birthing process and become more clear on what happened from multiple perspectives. Pre and post natal massage's can be included in all appointments at the home at an additional charge. Massage during labor is included in all of my doula fee if individuals that are interested, and this is extended to anyone in the birthing room.


      $2500 (sliding scale offered)

Further Support

To further support my birth clients I offer reduced the rates on the others services I provide as well.


Massage: $100/hr ($20 discount)



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