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Inspired by Birth

A short story of my path in becoming a doula.


     I have been a birth doula in the bay area since November 2013 and love the work I get to do. I started my path as a birth doula after deciding to pursue my future in the natural health field, with plans to eventually become a midwife. As I was looking into the birthing world, I felt the role of a doula was perfect for me as I continue to further my knowledge and experience around childbirth. I have babysat little ones since I was 12 years old and have always loved babies, bellies, and the amazing ability of the female body to transformation for the birth of her child. After witnessing my best friends beautiful birth when I was only 17, I was amazed and the birthing world has continued to inspire me since.

     I got my first experience as a birth doula at the Contra Costa Regional Medical Center through their volunteer doula program after my DONA training in January 2013.  This experience was priceless but I felt I wanted to have a more personal relationship with my clients before meeting them on the day of the birth. I then set out in my own practice as an independent doula, after gaining some experience. I have supported 33 families to date, and work with about 1 family every month or two. Each birth is so different and so beautiful in their own way. 

     I then fulfilled my interest in massage therapy by attending McKinnon BTC in Oakland, CA in 2014. The school was a perfect match for my learning style and I fully enjoyed the knowledge and skills gained from my time there. I focused mostly on Swedish style massage, assisting the body with circulation and relaxation. I also gained a background in prenatal massage as well as reflexology and elder massage to further enhance my ability to comfort my clients. 

     I received my DONA certification in late 2014  and also began my journey as a postpartum doula with training from Ann Grauer at the same time. After gaining lots of experience, I also became certified as a Childbirth Educator through ICEA in 2020 and began nursing school at SFSU with a concentration in Woman's Health. I look forward to continuing to support families during such a special time of life as well as continually grow as a birth worker through the experiences and knowledge. I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with you and yours during this time. 

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